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100 Word Challenge

I stepped out of my door on a sunny, summers day. The sun was so hot it melted the ice-cream in my hand! I walked down the path and bumped into a strange looking alien. It was dark blue with pointy, purple spikes coming out of his head!

‘I’m sorry!’ I said.

‘hgfhdhfebydebh zgbvehdfuhjer sghvjh’ said the blue creature, waving his arms around in the air. ‘thehdywq’.

I had no idea what he was saying! ‘I don’t understand you!’ I said.

‘hdhdndh edhyfdn ‘ replied the alien. The alien turned and ran away, waving his arms in the air!


100 Word Challenge

I was the zoo keeper I would ……….
Climb a giraffe and jump into the swimming pool.And race with the the cheater.
Then I would try to find a feather and fly with the birds.

I was the zoo keeper I would…………
Climb a tree and swing on a branch.
Swim with a dolphin and do a flip.

I was the zoo keeper I would……….
Have an sleep over in a animal’s cage and i’ll go swing with the monkeys.
Then when the monsters come from a land of Nielth then fight to save the animals.
I love these animals.

By Kanoni and Kellise