To be able to predict the end of an adventure story by shay and sam

The three men were saying a secret and     whispering with Ben and Robyn overhearing them. Amazingly the three men heard them trying to get away in the bushy woods. The three men saw some people running and said “AFTER THEM! Shouting the three men. Ben distracted the men but as quick as a flash Robyn was following ben. cave shouted ben. watch out! said  robyn.



Mr Twit

Dear Diary

Today I moved to my new house when I got there, my next door neighbour invited me round for tea.I walked slowly and calmly to my neighbour’s house. I peeped through the key hole then I leaned on the door it opened and then  I fell over.

It was 7:47pm and I was having a out of date tin of sardeans with a mug of out of date beer. They served me my food in the living room. My food was mouldy tin of sardeans with a mug of beer. When Mr and Mrs Twit were looking away and I put my food on the table board. I said thank you for my food for now.

Ice Palace Diary

Dear diary,

This week it has been incredibly scary and strange, and in the neighbourhood all the little children were disappearing. But then one morning MY LITTLE BROTHER was gone! I must go and see what’s happening and see who is doing this. I am going now because I love my little brother I don’t care if I die. I just want to see him. However, I can not bear to even look into my parents eyes and see tear drops running through there cheeks.

A character sketch of Starjik

starjik has a log icy nose.

His eyes are small and cold as ice

His mouth is wide as a cave

His fingers are as long as a fang

Starjik is cruel because he has no friends

He has a special power to freezzzz children

I think Starjik is lonley because he has no friends.


BY Ellie














































































Finding Starjik

Dear diary,

I’m going out to save my brother because he was taken by Starjik but I’m not allowed to tell my parents because they’ll punish me for going into the forest by myself.  It is quite dark outside but the moonlight is reflecting off the snow I can see.  I know I have to do this for him.  All I can hear are wolves howling in the distance.  I’m taking some bread in my pocket and if I need water I can just melt the snow.  I’m on my way and I’m quietly trying to find some sticks for a den, to sleep in and some extra for a fire .

By Beth

Ivan’s Land

Turn your face to the east wind and you will see Ivan’s land. A land where a frozen lake is shining in the moonlight.  A pink and purple sunset covers the land.  A soft silky snowy blanket covers the ground.  The bare trees are heavy with snow reaching down as if to touch the ground.  Glimmering snowflakes dance around in the air shining in the starlight.  The soft, fluffy snow hits the ground gently.  Freezing mountains stand there looking at the frozen land.  A small log cabin decorated with icy scratches, with diamond like icicles hanging from the roof.

By Elina

The Twits! by Tiffany and Malek

Mr Twit

Mr Twit is a horrible fool. Also he is ugly, rude, cruel, mean and nasty.He kept a cage of monkeys.He kept three monkeys in a cage so he could make the first monkey circus. He trained monkeys to do tricks.

Mrs Twit

She is a nasty person but when she was young she pretty.But she had ugly thoughts so when she grew up she started to look ugly.