Your homework this week is to find out about the Rosetta Stone.

In your homework book, write about what the Rosetta Stone is and why it is important.

Mrs Long and Mrs Curtin

17 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Riley

    My nan speaks Spanish when she is in Spain. When she speaks it to me it sounds weird and some of the words I do not understand. I understand and can say some words like hola and adios. I also know one to ten. I like eating Spanish food like ensematas and fartons which sound very funny for me in English but it is really Spanish. Spain is called Espana and I like going to visit my nan in the summer when I can play in her pool. She also lives here in England so I get to see her here and also on holiday.

  2. Tyler

    Some of the words sounded like a foreign language as the aliens were beemed to earth! “run!” Explained the man. Goo goo goed the baby everyone ran away aaaaahhhhh said the people the army attacked. “Get the tanks!” said the leader “ok” said the man the army tried to defeat the aliens but the aliens were to strong. “We are here to destroy the earth” said the aliens as they put gunk every where the army got stuck to the grawd with green goooe. The aliens demanded doughnuts and when the army gave them 1000 they left in there spaceship and never returned.

  3. Lily

    When I was at the beach I played with a foreign girl called Sam. I didn’t know what she was saying because she was speaking in a foreign language. “I asked do you want to go swimming with me in the sea”.

    To be continued at home.

  4. Valarie

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