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The fantastic discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb!

Yesterday after three years of searching Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb! Howard Carter was digging for King Tut’s tomb and then suddenly he came to a stone step. Howard Carter went to write a telegram to lord Carnarvon  telling him that he found the steps to the tomb.

                                                                        A quote from Howard Carter 

When Howard carter was interviewed he explained ” I was thrilled when I found the tomb. there was gold, lamps, earing’s and collars.”

Reported by: Lucy Stroud


The Great Discovery

Yesterday was a joyful day in Luxture because Tutankamun’s tomb was finally discovered by an archaeologist named Howard Carter.   A little boy was digging in the sand trying to get some water for the builders and suddenly the digger stopped and the boy ran to Howard Carter             and tolled him about what he found.   Howard Carter rushed to the sand then started to get quiet nerve-wrecking because he did not know what could be down the twelve steps.                      Carter crept down and looked in then saw two statues of king Tut and all sorts of jewellery ,         gold and other magnificent and glistening stuff.   Howard Carter was amazed to finally find it.


Tutankhamun’s tomb was found!

It’s a happy day in Luxor today because Tutankhamun’s tomb has been found. Howard carter found the tomb of Tunkhamun. Howard carter was working in Egypt for 31 years. Howard carter was an archaeologist. There was a little boy who got the water for the workers. He went to get the water when he was digging he reached a rock. He ran as fast as fast as he could to Howard carter and told him all the news. He went down the steps he saw a door but the seal was broken. But there was a second door still intact. Howard carter broke the door but all he could see was rocks so the diggers dug all the stones away. He saw a door but new that he could not go in to the room so he poked a hole in the wall and put a candle so he could see was gold, statues as shiny and glittery as stars, he saw the most shiny, glittery, beautiful throne in the world. Lord Carnarvon asked can you see any thing?

yes replied carter wonderful things.

the discovery or king tuts tomb!!!

After many years of travelling Howard carter finally found Tutankhamen’s tomb Because Lord Canarvon was in England he had to send a letter called telegram.

when Lord Canarvon eventually arrived at Egypt.He rushed to Howard carter asfast as he could ever run.once they got to each other they finally went inside and three of the things they could see were.

  • a golden and shiny statue 
  • two lovely but a bit broken thrown
  • and the lovely Canopic jars witch they keep the organs in

when they get further in the tomb Howard carter says “can you see anything” “yes wonderful things” replied lord Canarvon. 




tomb was found!!!

great discovery yesterday in Luxor Howard carter and  found Tutankhamen tomb. It happened on the 3rd November when a boy was fetching some water and he found something hard and that was 12 steps also a door he ran over to Howard carter and said “I found 12 steps and a door please come over and check it out come on! so Howard carter ran over to the steps and he went down. And sent a telegram to lord carnaven saying there is wonderful news we think we have found king Tut’s tomb. soon after that lord carnaven arrived in Egypt and came as fast as he can to Howard carter and said “what’s this have you found the tomb ” “yes we have take a look over here this little boy found 12 steps and a door come lets see” said Howard carter so they did they went down the steps then lord carnarven found 16 more steps and a hard wall so they went down there and Howard carter saw a little hole and then he said  “oh no it looks like robbers got here before us” but then he looked throw and he saw all the treasure he was amazed and Lord carnarven said “can you see any thing” Howard carter replied saying “yes wonderful things”



King tut has been found!!

Many  years from searching Howard carter found king tut tomb. In the valley of the kings .Howard carter was a famous archaeologist. A boy was digging in the sand and found A stone step and rushed to Howard carter and told him all about it  lead him there. When Howard carter was interviewed he replied I was relived  because  it was the last bit of money that he had .


The tomb is found

after 36 months of trying to find Tutankhamen’s tomb and finally they have found the tomb but a boy was sitting down on the sand he was digging to get water for the builders his shovel suddenly stopped he saw a stone surface. he quickly ran over to Howard carter he walked over to the stone surface he was shocked what he found the ground suddenly shacked sand fell.

Great discovery found!

It a happy day in Luxor because Tutankhaun’s tomb has just been found. the person who discovered the tomb was Howard carter. The person who let Howard carter dig was lord Canarvon. The place the tomb was found was at the Valley of the kings .But the person who found the tomb was little boy who was looking getting water for the diggers and his stick hit a hard serves and he dug a bit more and he saw a step  so the little boy ran to tell Howard Carter what he had found.


yesterday was an exiting day in Luxor because a British archaeologist Howard carter has found king Tutankhamen tomb in the valley of the kings. It all started when a little boy who finds water for the builders was digging to find there water when he hit something hard  and ran straight to Howard carter. straight away Howard carter ordered the builders to dig where the boy found the rock hard thing.they came to a door the builders kicked it down but there was rubble stones blocking its way, so they pulled them down and came to a second door. Howard carter sent a telegram to say they have found something. back at home lord carnavon and his daughter took two weeks to get from England to Egypt.

Tutankhamen’s tomb has been found!

Its is a happy day in Luxor, because

after 36 months of searching, Tutankhamen’s tomb has been discovered! In the early hours of yesterday morning Mr Howard Carter and his team found the king’s tomb. Howard Carter is a British archaeologist. We questioned Howard Carter and he explained ”I was surprised because I finally found the tomb.