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Who and where are you?

Welcome to Glebe Primary Year 3 blog. Please spare one minute to leave a comment for Year 3 pupils. If you leave a comment, it WILL BE shared with the Year 3 class and will help to give them a sense of audience. Just say who and where you are. Pupils always like to know a little about their audience.

Thank you!

Blog Walk…

Great bloggers spend time looking at other blogs. This gives you ideas about what to blog about yourselves and also, if you leave comments, you may receive comments from other pupils on your blog.

You have 15 minutes to explore some of the blogs below, use the links to visit the blogs, leave comments and also remember what you saw or read.

Room2adventures blog – A class of Year 4 children from New Zealand
Mr Sale’s Class Blog in Blackpool
Bidston Avenue Year 4 Blogs Mr Banks Class
Bidston Avenue Year 4 Blogs Mrs Birch Class
Class Blogs at St. Mary’s Primary in Essex near London
A new class blog from Mr. Baker’s Class
Mr Addison’s Class Blog in Hampshire.
Halswell Year 4 class blog in Christchurch New Zealand
Year 5 at St. Joseph’s School – Mr. Connor’s Class blog
Year 4 at Springston School in New Zealand