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tomb was found!!!

great discovery yesterday in Luxor Howard carter and  found Tutankhamen tomb. It happened on the 3rd November when a boy was fetching some water and he found something hard and that was 12 steps also a door he ran over to Howard carter and said “I found 12 steps and a door please come over and check it out come on! so Howard carter ran over to the steps and he went down. And sent a telegram to lord carnaven saying there is wonderful news we think we have found king Tut’s tomb. soon after that lord carnaven arrived in Egypt and came as fast as he can to Howard carter and said “what’s this have you found the tomb ” “yes we have take a look over here this little boy found 12 steps and a door come lets see” said Howard carter so they did they went down the steps then lord carnarven found 16 more steps and a hard wall so they went down there and Howard carter saw a little hole and then he said  “oh no it looks like robbers got here before us” but then he looked throw and he saw all the treasure he was amazed and Lord carnarven said “can you see any thing” Howard carter replied saying “yes wonderful things”