Tutankhamun’s tomb was found!

It’s a happy day in Luxor today because Tutankhamun’s tomb has been found. Howard carter found the tomb of Tunkhamun. Howard carter was working in Egypt for 31 years. Howard carter was an archaeologist. There was a little boy who got the water for the workers. He went to get the water when he was digging he reached a rock. He ran as fast as fast as he could to Howard carter and told him all the news. He went down the steps he saw a door but the seal was broken. But there was a second door still intact. Howard carter broke the door but all he could see was rocks so the diggers dug all the stones away. He saw a door but new that he could not go in to the room so he poked a hole in the wall and put a candle so he could see was gold, statues as shiny and glittery as stars, he saw the most shiny, glittery, beautiful throne in the world. Lord Carnarvon asked can you see any thing?

yes replied carter wonderful things.

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