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  1. Alex merritt

    The Times!
    Howard carter and his team have found the tomb of king Tutankhamen.
    12 steps were found in the valley of the kings.
    Lord caravan paid Howard carter an English archalalogist to find the tomb-its taken 3 years!!.

    When asked, Howard Carter replied “yes wonderful things!”

  2. Simran

    After many years in Egypt yesterday Howard Cater discovered Tutankhmuns tomb.It was hiden for over 300 years.Howard Carter was a British archcecologist -he had worked in Egypt for 31 years before he found the tomb.The tomb was found in Luxor vally of the kings – beneath Rameses vI tomb. When Howard Cater was interviewed he declared “I was surpriesd I finally found the tomb.I was surpriesd because I only had one last chance.

  3. Kyle

    After 36 moths searching for Tutankhamen’s tomb. Howard carter found Tutankhamen’s tomb. Tutankhamen’s tomb was lost for 3000 years and finally his tomb was found. Howard carter was a English man working in Egypt . when Howard carter interviewed, he said ” I was surprised because I finally found the tomb.” he told the reporter “I thought I would never find Tutankhamen’s tomb and this was my final chance”

  4. Sophia

    yesterday Howard carter found the last pharaoh Tut. Howard carter is an archolegest and lord Carnarvon paid for it. A boy found king tut’s tomb.

  5. Elliott

    yesterday was a happy day in Luxor because Tutankhamu’s tomb has been lost for 3000 yeas!Howard carter and his team fownd him!Howard carter is an archaeoloist.he is a brave explorer.a boy was diging for water and sudernly his shuvile stoped! he ran to Howard carter.Howard carter was so shocked!they startied to dig and they fowned king tut and tresher. they fowned glisernig stachos.king tuts throne and gold cofins.when I interviewed him he riplied”it was excited because I that I wood never find it.”

  6. Reece

    great discovery
    It is a happy day in luxor because Howard carter has finally discovered Tutankhamuns tomb! it was found in the valley of the kings. Howard cater was a British archaeologist working in Egypt. when Howard cater was interviewed he replied,” I was surprised because I finally found the tomb.


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